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Did you know that God is interested in your money? He wants to be involved in not only how much you have, but how much you use and how you use it! That’s why money is mentioned over 800 times in the Bible alone! Here’s the good news – God wants to bless you when you are willing to follow His lead in your financial journey. Discover how faith is an integral part of every aspect of your financial life


Stewardship is all about choices. In the garden of our financial lives we have there are two trees: death and life. Which will water – the tree of debt and credit or financial freedom? The choice is yours – but you’re not alone. Learn the life-changing strategies for how to make better financial decisions and change your life – one day, one dollar, one decision at a time!

FICO Score

What is credit? Do I need credit? Learn how your credit score effects everything from the interest rates you pay on credit cards to the payments you make on your dream home. When it comes to credit, the options can seem overwhelming, but FF&F is here to help you learn the best credit path for you and your family to find financial hope and success!

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Faith, Finance & FICO Scores can help you reach your financial goals and find release from the slavery to debt. With personal online coaching, in-person training, and a life-changing curriculum, find how bringing your faith in line with your finances can change everything.

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